Mining in Ghana

Mining in Ghana

Mining in Ghana is an important contributor of gold to the world economy. and the country is the second largest exporter of the mineral in Africa. Mining in Ghana is also an important source of bauxite, manganese, iron ore, diamonds and oil.

In 2014, mining in Ghana yielded 90 tonnes of gold with reserves that are estimated to be more than other key regions such as Peru and Papua New Guinea. In order to grow mining in Ghana further, the country has, over the past few years, made concerted efforts to become more investor-friendly. It has done this by introducing new legislation that regulates support services, minerals and mine licensing, as well as health and safety for mining in Ghana.

Africa Mining IQ is your essential knowledge and information portal for mining in Ghana, with ± 90 projects on record with a total combined value of approximately ZAR 30 billion .

Access to Africa Mining IQ gives you vital project intelligence including key contact details for project managers, engineers and technical teams; real-time reporting, charting and statistics; as well as opportunities for new collaborations and partnerships. Information for mining in Ghana is updated daily by a dedicated team of Africa Mining IQ Project Co-coordinators.

With over 2 000 mining projects on record, more than 170 large companies use Africa Mining IQ to enhance their business prospects across the continent!

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Mining in Ghana: a brief overview

There are approximately 35 companies executablely mining in Ghana. The largest capital value project in the country is the Ahafo Mill Expansion Project. This industrial project, which aims to facilitate increased gold production in the south pits of the Ahafo belt through increased milling, is owned by Newmont Mining Corporation. The project has a capital value of ZAR 6 billion, and the expansion aims to enhance mill throughput from 7.5 to 12/15 million tonnes per year.

Other large ongoing mining in Ghana projects include:

  • The Asanko Gold Mining (AGM) Complex, with a capital value of ± ZAR 4.5 billion. Asanko Gold owns this executable project, which has an Indicated Resource Estimate of ±19 Mt of gold.
  • The Wassa Mine has a capital value of ± ZAR 3 billion. It is a joint ownership between Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining Co LTD (Golden Star Resources) - 90% and the government of Ghana. Mineral reserves of 1.6 Moz and indicated mineral resources of 3.5 Moz have been speculated.

These are the 2 largest projects of the ± 90 Ghana projects on our mining information portal. By providing comprehensive key project data and contacts, Africa Mining IQ enables mine operators, suppliers and investors to develop and expand their business in this mineral-rich West African country.


Mining Companies in Ghana

Mining companies have been attracted to Ghana since gold was first mined in the region by outsiders around 600 BC. These outsiders were the Phoenicians who landed on the Guinea Coast of West Africa1. However, the same reference adds that gold mining was carried out by the natives for thousands of years before the Phoenicians sailed there.

Thousands of years later, the yellow mineral is still, it appears, in abundance at identified sites, and there are currently approximately 90 mining projects in Ghana owned by ± 30 mining companies, many of them international mining companies. If you’re looking to target mining in Ghana or negotiate deals with mining companies in the region, gaining access to the information on AMIQ puts you ahead of your competitors.

While gold is the primary mineral mined in this region, with about 80 of the ±90 mining projects being gold mining projects. Three other projects are industrial, iron ore and lithium. The country also has prospects for companies interested in mining in Ghana projects for an abundance of minerals. These minerals, which are yet to be explored, include diamonds, bauxite and manganese in south Ghana, with the Ashanti Region having great deposits of barite, basalt, clay, dolomite, feldspar, granite, gravel, gypsum, iron ore, kaolinite, laterite, limestone, magnesite, marble, mica, phosphate, sandstone and slate.

AMIQ, Africa's largest online mining portal, gives its members access to information about mining in Ghana. This mining project intelligence includes contact details for project engineers, mining suppliers and other pertinent individuals. Contact us to find out how AMIQ can help you grow your business.


Mining companies involved in Ghanaian mining

The following companies have mining projects in Ghana:

  • Akwaaba Mining
  • Anglogold Ashanti
  • Asante Gold Corporation
  • Asian Investment Management Services (Aims)
  • Cardinal Namdini Mining
  • Cassius Mining
  • Castle Minerals
  • Galiano Gold
  • Gold Fields Limited
  • Newcore Gold
  • Nguvu Mining
  • Pelangio Exploration
  • Perseus Mining
  • Golden Star Resources
  • Gulf Industrials Ltd
  • Hodges Resources
  • Ironridge Resources
  • Liongold Corp
  • Newmont Mining
  • Azumah Resources
  • B2 Gold Corp
  • Cardinal Resources
  • Cassius Mining
  • Castle Peak Mining
  • Noble Mineral Resources
  • Pan African Resources
  • Pelango Exploration
  • Rosita Mining Corp
  • Signature Metals
  • Viking Mines


Up-to-date mining intelligence on these companies, their mining projects and key contact details are available to engineers and suppliers who are members of Africa Mining IQ.

Some top capital value mining projects and their owners

The highest capital value projects for mining in Ghana are owned by 4 mining companies: Newmont Mining Corporation, Asanko Gold, Azumah Resources and Perseus Mining. Some of their high capital mining projects include:

  • Mine owner: Galiano Gold INC (Asanko Gold)
    Project: Asanko Gold Mining (AGM) Complex - NKRAN(Obotan)
    Capital value: R4.2 billion
    Mineral: Gold
    Phase: Operational
    Status: Operational

    Project: Asanko Gold Mining (AGM) Complex - ESAASE Project
    Capital value: R3.8 billion
    Mineral: Gold
    Phase: Feasibility
    Status: Ongoing
  • Mine owners: Ibaera Capital Advisers PTY LTD (Acquired Azumah Resources)
    Project: Black Volta Gold Project (WA-LAWRA)
    Capital value: R1.9 billion
    Mineral: Gold
    Phase: Bankable
    Status: Ongoing
  • Mine owners: : Perseus Mining Ltd (Acquired Amara Mining)
    Project: Edikan Gold Mine (Central Ashanti Gold/Ayanfuri)
    Capital value: R1.5 billion
    Mineral: Gold
    Phase: Operational
    Status: Operational


Access the most extensive list of mines from mining companies in Ghana and Africa

Projects IQ has over 2 000 projects listed on its portal of mining companies across Ghana and the rest of Africa. Finding those pertinent to your interests has been simplified by AMIQ. Click on the links below to get additional information on mining companies in some of Africa’s other countries:


Institutions governing mining in Ghana and mining companies in Ghana

Mining companies interested in establishing themselves in Ghana should take cognizance of the relevant institutions governing the mining industry in that country. These institutions include:

  • Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources - oversees all aspects of Ghana’s mineral sector and is responsible for granting mining and exploration licences.
  • Minerals Commission – recommends mineral policy, has responsibility for administering the Mining Act, promotes mineral development, advises the government on mineral matters and serves as liaison between industry and government. It is the first point of contact for prospective investors in the Ghanaian mining industry.
  • Geological Survey Department – geological studies including map production and maintenance of geological records.
  • Mines Department – the authority on mine safety matters, responsible for health and safety inspections and maintenance of mining records.
  • Lands Commission – maintains legal records of licences and conducts legal examination of new applications.
  • Environmental Protection Agency – it is their overall responsibility for environmental issues related to mining.
  • Ghana Chamber of Mines – is an association of representatives of mining companies which receives all reports pertaining to mine accidents and safety issues. The Chamber also provides information on Ghana’s mining laws and negotiates with mine labour unions on behalf of its member companies.


AMIQ can help you grow your business

  • Key contact details of mine owners, project engineers and contracting agents for every project listed – over 690 mine owners listed!
  • Capital value estimates that are updated daily
  • Detailed project updates that follow the progression of your mine, or any other mining project listed, from grassroots through to operational


Tracking mining projects in Ghana is part of the mining intelligence service available to AMIQ users. Complete the enquiry form below for more information.

With Africa Mining IQ, those interested in mining projects in Ghana have a tangible resource that allows them to keep up to date with all projects.

  • Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY online mining project information provider to supply you with key contact details.
  • Access accurate data that will help you to grow your business within the Ghanaian mining industry.
  • Real-time mining intelligence
  • Select relevant companies/projects/mines in Ghana
  • Gain unlimited access to regularly updated and verified information
  • Receive email notifications of newly added or recently updated projects
  • Add notes and comments to various projects


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History of Gold Mining in Ghana

Looking for mining business, mining companies or mining projects in Ghana? Accessing AMIQ gives you all the details you need.

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Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY African mining intelligence portal that guarantees a key contact per mine owner/project engineer or project supplier. All African mining projects are carefully researched and verified by a team of researchers.

Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In depth analysis reports delve into African mining project statistics such as the number of projects per region per phase and have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.


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Tracking and reporting on African mines and African mining projects is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over 170 companies rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them drive business within the African mining industry.

Leading global companies use Africa Mining IQ:

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