Mining in Limpopo

Mining in Limpopo

Mining in Limpopo yields important quantities of coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron ore, nickel, platinum group metals, rare earth minerals and tin to South Africa's mineral industry. With 108 mining projects in Limpopo currently listed on Africa Mining IQ, our online portal provides key data and contacts for mine operators to grow their business in this lucrative region.

Currently Africa Mining IQ profiles the highest capital value project regarding mining in Limpopo, the Venetia Underground Project. As South Africa's largest producer of diamonds, this project has an investment value of and estimated R 200 billion.

With over 2 000 mining projects currently listed, including mining projects in Limpopo, Africa Mining IQ is Africa's largest online mining portal. A membership to Africa Mining IQ provides members with the ability to track, target and record these mining projects with accurate, holistic information that is updated daily and is accessible 24/7.

As Africa's most comprehensive mining intelligence portal, Africa Mining IQ currently assists close to 170 companies grow their businesses by providing essential mining industry data for mines in all phases of operation. The extensive portal contains information on everything from location of project and capital, exploration values to key contact details on mining in Limpopo and throughout Africa.

Discover how being a member of Africa Mining IQ can grow your mining in Limpopo business!

  • 45 PGM (platinum group metals) projects
  • 16 coal projects
  • 13 industrial projects
  • 8 iron ore projects
  • 4 diamond projects
  • 3 copper projects
  • 1 gold project
  • 6 chrome projects
  • 2 nickel projects
  • 1 magnesium project
  • 1 phosphate project
  • 2 rare earth projects
  • 2 tin projects
  • 2 vanadium projects

Africa Mining IQ’s mining portal in Limpopo also includes listings for chrome, nickel, rare earth minerals, tin and vanadium.

Africa Mining IQ categorises all projects for mining in Limpopo in terms of grassroots, pre-feasibility, feasibility, bankable, execution, operational, dormant, dormant L/R, closed, completed and consolidated phases for an enhanced information portal offering.

A Africa Mining IQ membership provides access to comprehensive, verified and up-to-date intelligence on mining in Limpopo:

  • Direct access to project management and decision makers with key contact details per project guaranteed for mining projects in Limpopo
  • Access to real-time reporting, charting and statistics for mining projects in Limpopo
  • An easily presented search dashboard facility that enables a holistic search criteria for mining projects in Limpopo
  • Receive direct email notifications of new or updated mining projects in Limpopo
  • Online collaboration and communication

Contact Africa Mining IQ today on +27 11 830 2132 to expand your business within the Limpopo mining sector!

Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY African mining intelligence portal that guarantees a key contact per mine owner / project engineer or project supplier. All African mining projects are carefully researched and verified by a team of researchers.


Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In depth analysis reports delve into African mining project statistics such as number of projects per region per phase, and have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.

Tracking and reporting on African mines and African mining projects is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over Close to 170 companies rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them drive business within the African mining industry.


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