Vale Mining

Vale Mining

Vale Mining is a global leader in iron ore and pellets mining. Vale Mining’s projects in Africa are valued to be in excess of R20-billion and, of these, seven are registered on Africa Mining IQ giving subscribers access to key information on these projects.

  • Vale Mining is executable in many mining countries and produces approximately 15% of all iron worldwide.
  • Vale Mining is the world’s largest producer of nickel with more than 250 000 tons produced to date.

Within Africa, Vale Mining projects are located in:

As the leading supplier of online mining intelligence in Africa, Africa Mining IQ is the only website to provide direct access to key mining personnel, and detailed summaries of mining projects. These include project value, scope, mining phase and key contacts among others. All of this information, and more, is available for each Vale Mining’s project in the portal.

Africa Mining IQ profiles Vale Mining’s highest capital value project on
its portal – the Nacala Corridor Project. To date, the mining giant
has invested R10.7-billion in the project, with another R28-billion expected to be added during 2014. Located in Mozambique, the Nacala Corridor Project connects the Moatize Coal Mine to the Port of Nacala, allowing for a transport capacity of 18 million tonnes of coal per annum.

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Subscribers to Africa Mining IQ receive regular email updates and notifications on all African mining projects, Vale Mining included, from grassroots through to being fully operational. Currently 1 operational, 2 executable and 1 dormant L/R project are listed on Africa Mining IQ under the Vale Mining profile.

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With over 2 000 recorded projects updated daily, providing subscribers with information to take decisive action, Africa Mining IQ guarantees you access to current, dependable and important mining project information on:

  • Mine locations
  • Scope of mines
  • Estimated project values
  • Project commentary
  • Real-time reporting and charting

Africa Mining IQ – Features and Benefits

  • Current, relevant and accurate mining information on over 2 000 African mining projects
  • Real-time mining intelligence on mining projects with advanced reporting, graphs and region statistics, mineral types, development phases, and much more
  • Unlimited access to regularly updated mining intelligence
  • Customised solutions for information relevant to your line of work
  • Extensive contact information to liaise directly with key personnel on mining projects
  • Daily or weekly alerts and notifications on mining projects you track or are interested in Access for multiple users
  • Mining project tracking – from pre-feasibility to completion
  • A built-in currency converter for accurate values on mining projects in the currency of your choice

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