Smallest Mining Companies
in Africa

Smallest Mining Companies in Africa

Comprehensive data on the smallest mining companies in Africa and all their projects is available from Africa Mining IQ via its online mining intelligence service powered by Projects IQ.

Projects IQ, an internet-based African mining knowledge bank, provides comprehensive mining project intelligence for potential investors, distributors and mining-related businesses.

It covers all mining projects in Africa, including those from the smallest mining companies in Africa, through the various mining project lifecycles:

  • grassroots
  • pre-feasibility
  • feasibility
  • bankable
  • execution
  • operational
  • dormant
  • dormant (L/R)
  • closed
  • completed
  • consolidated

African Mining IQ benefits

By subscribing to Africa Mining IQ, the benefits you accrue and which aid when looking for investment and other mining related business on the smallest mining companies in Africa are many.

Project intelligence from Africa Mining IQ means that all mining projects listed on Africa Mining IQ are researched and populated with mining data and statistics which include project scope, location, value and type.

Easily identifiable, data organised and hidden behind drop down sections that have been designed for easier access using our dashboard with multiple sub-sections, and our key contacts per project, guarantees a key mining contact per project.

In addition to these advantages, subscribers also get multiple project tracking with project colour coding which helps to distinguish between the various types of projects available; and advanced charting & reporting with graphs that provide a visual description of mining progress on the African continent. The advanced search facility covers the more than 2 000 projects currently listed on our portal, enabling you to search for project by region, country, phase as well as by Mine Owner, Project Engineer and Project Supplier.

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Finally, the Mining IQ personalisation facility means that subscribers can:

  • Collaborate and communicate on Africa Mining IQ with fellow users
  • Add notes and reminders to projects
  • Self-manage email alerts
  • Receive broadcast messaging from Projects IQ direct to your dashboard

An African mining intelligence advantage

The smallest mining companies in Africa are sometimes involved with large mining projects with the potential for huge returns. For investors interested in receiving up-to-the-minute information on these projects, a subscription to Africa Mining IQ provides users with a distinct mining intelligence advantage

  • Exclusive access to mine owner contact details
  • Search facilities for mine owners, project engineers and project suppliers
  • Up-to-date reporting on project status, costs and tendering opportunities
  • Verified research and insights into Mining in East Africa and all African countries
  • Advanced project reporting, graphs and statistics
  • Accessible information 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Email notifications of updated projects and news

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Africa Mining IQ – Features and Benefits

  • Current, relevant and accurate mining information on over 2 000 African mining projects
  • Real-time mining intelligence on mining projects with advanced reporting, graphs and region statistics, mineral types, development phases, and much more
  • Unlimited access to regularly updated mining intelligence
  • Customised solutions for information relevant to your line of work
  • Extensive contact information to liaise directly with key personnel on mining projects
  • Daily or weekly alerts and notifications on mining projects you track or are interested in Access for multiple users
  • Mining project tracking – from grassroots to completion
  • A built-in currency converter for accurate values on mining projects in the currency of your choice

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