Mines in South Africa

Mines in South Africa

As of November 2019, there are 526 mines in South Africa, all of them listed on Africa Mining IQ.

South Africa is a mineral-rich country and listed as the largest producers of platinum (1st), coal (3rd), gold (6th) and diamonds (7th). South Africa’s mineral profile is large and diverse, with many opportunities for international and local investors.

There are currently 22 minerals mined in South Africa:

  • Chrome: 9
  • Coal: 122
  • Copper: 6
  • Diamond: 48
  • Emerald: 1
  • Fluorspar: 2
  • Limenite: 2
  • Gold: 86
  • Industrial: 92
  • Iron Ore: 20
  • Lead: 1
  • Manganese: 16
  • Nickel: 9
  • PGM: 89
  • Phosphate: 2
  • Rare Earth Minerals/Metals: 3
  • Silica: 1
  • Tin: 2
  • Vanadium: 5
  • Uranium: 8
  • Zinc: 1
  • Zircon: 1

These mines are owned by only 174 mine owners. Their contact details are readily available for African Mining IQ subscribers.

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Gold mining in South Africa and chrome mines in South Africa attract multiple investors. South Africa mining is also known for its coal mining, gold and diamond mining in South Africa.

A summary of main commodities mines

Gold mines

Of the 86 mines listed, 28 are currently operational, 9 are new (as of November 2019), 4 are active and 2 in the bankable phase.

Diamond mines

48 mines are listed on AMIQ, divided among 16 owners. 3 of the mining projects are active and 17 operational.

Chrome mines

Of the 9 listed mines, 1 is active, 6 are operational and 2 are dormant due to having their licence relinquished.

Copper mines

Out of the 6 copper mines, 1 is active and another operational, with 1 in the banking phase and 1 currently undergoing pre-feasibility.

Iron ore mines

Of the 20 mines listed, 11 of them are dormant due to having to relinquish their licences. 5 of them are operational, 1 of them is undergoing pre-feasibility, with the remaining 3 in the feasibility and banking stages.

Manganese mines

Out of the 16 listed mines, half of them are in the operational phase, 4 have had their licences relinquished and the remaining 4 are split between the feasibility, banking, active and completed phases.

Uranium mines

Of the 8 mines listed, only 1 is operational and 2 are in the pre-feasibility phase. The operational mine is currently under care and maintenance (November 2019), 1 has been closed and 1 is completed. The remainder are in the dormant phase.

Coal mines

There are 122 coal mining projects and as of November 2019 only 7 were in the active phase. 4 are in the bankable phase, 34 are dormant with the licences relinquished, 10 are in the pre-feasibility phase and 10 in the feasibility phase. 4 of them are currently bankable and 45 are operational.

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Track all mines in South Africa with Africa Mining IQ!

AMIQ is Africa’s largest subscription-based mining information database, tracking approximately 2 000 mining projects. Subscribers benefit from real-time project intelligence and key insights to strategic growth markets in Africa’s mines.

Mining projects in South Africa (and Africa) are divided into clearly identified mining cycles. This allows AMIQ subscribers to easily understand a mine’s – or mining project’s – stage of development, and what products, services and equipment they likely need.

This data is provided in clearly identified mining phases: grassroots, prefeasibility, feasibility, bankable, active, operational, dormant, closed and completed.

With the click of a button, AMIQ subscribers will know exactly how many mining projects there are and in what phase they are:

Mine Cycle Phase: Current Projects:
Grassroots: 36
Prefeasibility: 49
Feasibility: 33
Bankable: 12
Active: 36
Operational: 192
Dormant: 29
Closed: 8

Mining Types

AMIQ also provides the mining type so subscribers can easily ascertain if a mine is a surface mine or underground mine. It also lists the combination of surface/underground mines as well as those that are undefined.

In South Africa there are currently:

  • 122 surface mines
  • 129 underground mines
  • 66 surface/underground combo

The remaining mines are listed as ‘undefined’ and ‘industrial’. The undefined status will be change to one of the three above-listed mining types once it is made known.

6 Deepest Mines in South Africa

6 of the 10 deepest mines in the world are located in South Africa. The list is based on their operating depth and excludes current non-operational mines.

# Mine Depth Mine Owner
1 Mponeng Gold Mine 3 840 m AngloGold Ashanti’
2 Driefontein Mine 3 420 m Sibanye-Stillwater
3 Kusasalethu Gold Mine 3 380 m Harmony Gold
4 Moab Khotsong Gold Mine 3 052 m Harmony Gold
5 South Deep Gold Mine 2 998 m Gold Fields
6 Kopanang Gold Mine 2 240 m Harmony Gold

6 biggest open cast mines in South Africa

# Mine Depth Mine Owner
1 Kimberly Mine (Big Hole) 215 m One of the largest hand-excavated holes in the world.
2 Palabora Mine 800 m Supplies most of South Africa's copper needs.
3 Venetia Diamond Mine 450 m Largest producer of diamonds in South Africa.
4 Jagersfontein Mine 275 m The deepest hand-excavated hole in the world.
5 Mogalakwena 245 m Consists of five open pits.
6 Shishen Mine 400 m Has one of the largest iron ore reserves in the world.

In addition to diamond mines in South Africa, there are manganese mines in Cape Town, contributing to the culture of minerals and mining in South Africa.


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Mining intelligence from AMIQ

AMIQ provides subscribers with comprehensive mining intelligence.

This includes:

  • Recently updated projects: every single day, the research team at Africa Mining IQ ensures our database of mines in South Africa reflects the latest developments.
  • Projects of interest: this tool allows subscribers to follow projects of interest. A simple click allows subscribers to view reminders or open projects.
  • Project search: this facility lets subscribers easily find the projects in which they are interested. If you are uncertain of a specific project name, a simple process of indicating the mineral, plant and project type helps you find the desired project quickly and easily.

Mining project phases work as leads for investors into South African mines. Get a subscription to AMIQ today.

Mining services companies in South Africa, the biggest mining companies in South Africa  and the top 10 mining companies in South Africa can be found on AMIQ.

Benefits of being an AMIQ subscriber

  • Current, relevant and accurate mining information on over 2 000 African mining projects and unlimited access to regularly updated mining intelligence.
  • Real-time mining intelligence on mining projects with advanced reporting, graphs and regional statistics, mineral types and development phases.
  • Detailed project updates that follow the progression of a mine, or any other mining project listed, from grassroots phase right through to the operational phase.
  • Key contact details of mine owners, project engineers and contracting agents for every project listed – over 600 mine owners listed.
  • Customised solutions for information relevant to your line of work including daily or weekly alerts and notifications on mining projects you track.
  • Multiple user access for mining project tracking – from pre-feasibility through to completion.
  • Built-in currency converter for accurate values on mining projects in the currency of your choice.
  • Capital value estimates that are updated daily.


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