Mining in Angola

Mining in Angola

Mining in Angola has only explored about 40% of the country’s estimated diamond resources – suggesting that future growth in the industry is inevitable. As Africa's second-largest diamond producer at 8 million carats in 2009 – after Botswana with 32 million carats in the same year – the former Portuguese colony is considered a vital link in the global diamond industry and trade.

Alluvial diamond mining in Angola became popular in 1912 after the discovery of precious stones embedded in riverbanks, shorelines and seabeds. Mining in Angola began to develop significantly in 1952 when formalised diamond mining companies, including De Beers, established large-scale mining operations. Diamond mining in Angola has successfully surpassed the contribution of iron ore mining in Angola to the country’s GDP.

Africa Mining IQ lists other resources that mining in Angola depends on, including iron ore, manganese, copper, phosphates, granite, and many others. However, the country also relies on diamond mining to help rebuild the economy after the end of a protracted civil war in 2002.

Africa Mining IQ lists the Cassanguidi Diamond Mine as Angola’s largest operational diamond project. The mine has a capital value of R200 million and is located in the Lunda Norte Province.

Africa Mining IQ provides comprehensive key contact information on mining in Angola that can be thoroughly investigated by mining companies and individuals eager to participate in the growing market. Africa Mining IQ’s online information service helps to determine future trends in mining in Angola and is an essential tool for getting ahead in the African continent's mining sector overall. Enquire now for more information about our service offering.


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Mining Companies in Angola

Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa and has a wealth of natural mineral resources – it is among the top five largest diamond producers on the African continent.

There is considerable potential for growth and development in the country's mining sector. This opens an opportunity for undertakings in the mining sector with a view to expanding mining activities in Angola. Angola is seen as an attractive location for businesses that want to enter the region, which could give them a significant profit potential.

The Angolan government actively encourages foreign investment, with the aim of attracting mining companies to Angola. The objective is to enhance the role of mining operations in Angola's GDP and address unemployment issues in the country.

There are currently ± 20 mining projects and mines in Angola owned by 19 companies. Some of these are mining companies with mining operations, and others are interested in specific mining projects and mines. Many of these are international mining companies.

If you're interested in mining in Angola or doing business with mining companies in the region, access to AMIQ’s online portal provides a competitive advantage. Subscribing companies can influence tenders by being specified in the design and budgeting stage done in the various feasibility studies and, thereby, influencing the tendering process.


Minerals to mine

The focus of mining in Angola is on diamonds, with around 16 of the current ± 20 mining projects and mines dedicated to diamond extraction. Diamonds account for more than 98% of the Angolan government’s earnings.

Additionally, there are ongoing projects involving the mining of iron ore, copper, and phosphate minerals.

Angola is also rich in other mineral resources: manganese, copper, gold, granite, marble, uranium, quartz, lead, zinc, wolfram, tin, fluorite, sulphur, feldspar, kaolin, mica, asphalt, gypsum, and talc. The government plans to restart mining in the southwest for quartz and marble, with an estimated extraction of 5 000 m3 of marble per year for 20 years.

AMIQ grants members access to Africa’s largest mining portal. It contains all the required information needed for users to contact key personnel in mining companies in Angola, as well as project engineers, project consultants, and other pertinent stakeholders. Contact us today for more info about our mining information service.


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Companies involved in Angolan mining

In Q2 of 2018, there were ± 20 mining companies in Angola hosted on AMIQ as mine owners and/or investors. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Alrosa
  • Angola Exploration Mining Resources (AEMR)
  • Avantis Angola Ltd
  • Axactor (Nickel Mountain)
  • China Sonangol International
  • Delrand Resources (BRC Diamondcore Ltd)
  • Empresa Nacional De Ferro De Angola (Ferrangol)
  • ENDIAMA (Empress Nacional De Diamantes De Angola)
  • Government of Angola
  • ITM Mining Ltd
  • Lucapa Diamond Company
  • Lumanhe Ltd
  • Minbos Resources Ltd
  • Moydow Mines International Inc
  • Odebrecht
  • Petril Phosphates Ltd
  • Rift Valley Resources Limited (Merged With Brightstar Resources)
  • Sociedade Mineira De Catoca, Lda-Smc
  • Trans Hex Group Ltd


Up-to-date mining intelligence on these companies, their projects and comprehensive key contact details are available to local and global investors, engineers and consultants who use Africa Mining IQ.


The top 4 capital value mines and their owners

The 4 highest capital value projects in Angola are owned by 7 mining companies with the Angolan government having investor ownership in one of them. The 7 companies are Angola Exploration Mining Resources, FERRANGOL, Petril Phosphates, Minbos Resources, ITM Mining, Lumanhe, ENDIAMA and Axactor.

Mine owner: Trafigura Services PTE LTD

Project: Cassinga (AKA Kassinga) Iron Ore Project **
Capital Value: R9.5 billion
Mineral: Iron ore
Phase: Dormant (L/R)
Status: Licence relinquished

Mine owner: Minbos Resources

Project: Cabinda Phosphate Project (Cacata)
Capital Value: R2.3 billion
Mineral: Phosphate
Phase: Execution
Status: Ongoing

Mine owner: Endiama (Empress Nacional de Diamantes de Angola)

Project: Cuango Mine
Capital Value: R716.5 million
Mineral: Diamonds
Phase: Operational
Status: Operational

Mine owner: Endiama (Empress Nacional de Diamantes de Angola)

Project: Cassanguidi Diamond Mine
Capital Value: R201 million
Mineral: Diamond
Phase: Operational
Status: Care and Maintenance


Access the most extensive list of mines and mining projects from mining companies in Angola and Africa

Projects IQ has ± 2 072 projects hosted on its portal of mining companies across Angola and the rest of Africa. Finding those pertinent to your interests has been simplified by AMIQ.


Institutions governing mining companies in Angola

Mining companies interested in setting up shop or investing in Angola will need to deal with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum.

The ministry is responsible for creating, conducting, executing, and overseeing the country’s policy relating to the safe and sustainable development of its natural resources. This includes the exploration, development, and production of minerals, crude oil, and gas. It also includes refining, petrochemicals, storage, distribution, and marketing of mineral and petroleum products. Additionally, it involves the production and commercialisation of biofuels. All of these activities are carried out with due regard to the protection of the environment.

The ministry is responsible for promoting, following up on, and guiding geological and mining activities in Angola. This includes preparing the necessary processes for licensing and georeferenced registration of mineral resource exploration and exploitation.

The government agency that controls investment in Angola is called the Angola National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP).


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Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY African mining intelligence portal that guarantees a key contact per mine owner/project engineer or project consultant. All African mining projects and mines are carefully researched and verified by a team of project coordinators.

Our comprehensive portal of mining companies operating in Angola provides you with all the details you need to know about this exciting industry.

Diamonds are responsible for over 98% of the Angolan government's earnings.

From exploration to production, our information service on mining in Angola has got it all covered. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Angola's thriving mining sector – visit our website today and start exploring!

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