Mining in Mpumalanga

Mining in Mpumalanga

The Mpumalanga province in South Africa is home to valuable resources including coal, gold, iron ore, PGM and chrome. The mineral wealth of the region has attracted top mining companies. Africa Mining IQ (AMIQ) can help you tap into this burgeoning market by giving you access to online portal for mining intelligence for up-to-date and detailed intel on mining projects and mines.

There are currently 130 mining projects and mines in Mpumalanga that are owned by numerous mining companies. These include some of South Africa’s largest mining houses as well as international mining houses. So, if you’re looking to target mining projects and mines in Mpumalanga, or negotiate deals with mining companies in Mpumalanga, access to AMIQ’s portal will help you attain with all the information you need.

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Mpumalanga Mining Companies

Mpumalanga’s mining market accounts for 83% of all coal production in South Africa. The current mining market in the province includes ± 82 coal, ±17 industrial, ±14 platinum group metals, ±18 gold, ±3 nickel, ±1 vanadium and ±3 iron ore mining projects and mines. AMIQ’s online portal for mining intelligence categorises all mining projects and mines in Mpumalanga by phase and by mineral to provide enhanced and easy-to-use information.

The region’s highest capital value mining project. The Simunye Project, which is the combination of 3 power stations, is valued at R340 billion. The Camden, Grootvlei and Komati power stations have a nominal combined capacity of 3 800 MW, equivalent to one modern six-pack power station. This will mean that these coal mines in Mpumalanga will be the country’s largest contributor to power generation.

Mines around Mpumalanga are owned by Samancor, Wescoal, Exxaro, Anglo American, Sasol, South32, African Rainbow Minerals, Kumba Iron Ore, Sasol Mining, Platfields, Glencore, Tegeta and Northham and Eastern Platinum, many medium to smaller mining companies, as well as state-owned companies like Transnet and Eskom.

Africa Mining IQ is Africa’s largest online mining portal. It provides comprehensive information on mining companies in Mpumalanga. Tap into markets in provinces and countries bordering Mpumalanga by accessing up-to-date and detailed operation updates on mining projects and mines as well as responsible contacts for mines in Mpumalanga.

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Top 5 Capital Value Mines and their Owners

The 5 highest capital value projects in the Mpumalanga Province are owned by 6 mining companies: Eskom, Anglo Inyosi Coal, Anglo Coal, Exxaro Resources, Merafe Resources and Glencore PLC.

Get the latest information on coal mines in Mpumalanga as well as gold mines in Mpumalanga from AMIQ.


  • Mine owner: Eskom
    Project: Camden, Grootvlei and Komati Power Stations in Ermelo
    Capital value: R340 billion
    Mineral: Industrial
    Status: Operational

    Project: Kusile Power Station Project in Delmas
    Capital value: R118.5 billion
    Mineral: Industrial
    Status: Ongoing
  • Mine owner: Anglo Inyosi Coal
    Project: New Largo Project in Witbank
    Capital Value: R21.5 billion
    Mineral: Coal
    Status: On hold
  • Mine owners: Anglo Coal and Exxaro Resources
    Project: Mafube Coal Mine in Middelburg
    Capital value: R16 billion
    Mineral: Coal
    Status: Operational
  • Mine owners: Merafe Resources and Glencore PLC
    Project: Lion Smelter
    Capital value: R167 billion
    Mineral: Industrial
    Status: Operational

Other high profile mines in this region are the Barberton Mines, Mbuyelo Coal Mines and Delmas Coal Mine.This information is intended to help OEM’s, project consultants, service providers and mining companies in Mpumalanga expand their businesses, project management, and a range of other functions within the South African mining sector. Africa Mining IQ also hosts direct contact details for individuals working with, and for, mining companies in South Africa.


Access the most extensive information portal on mines from mining companies in Mpumalanga and the rest of South Africa

Projects IQ has over 2 000 projects hosted on its portal of mining companies across South Africa and Africa. To find those pertinent to your interests has been simplified by AMIQ. Click on the links below to get additional information on mining companies in some of South Africa’s other provinces and cities, as well as African countries:

Mpumalanga is home to many pre-mined raw minerals, with coal and gold chief amongst them. Prominent minerals mined by mining companies in South Africa include:

Tracking of mining projects and mines in Mpumalanga is part of the mining intelligence service available:

  • Comphrensive key contact details of mine owners, project engineers and consultants for mining projects and mines in Mpumalanga
  • Capital value esimations that are updated daily
  • Detailed operation updates that follow the progression of mines, or any other mining operation hosted on our platform, from grassroots right through to operational phases

With Africa Mining IQ, those interested in mining companies in Mpumalanga have a tangible resource which allows them to keep up-to-date with all mining projects and mines

  • Access accurate data that will help you to grow your business within the Mpumalanga mining industry
  • Real-time mining intelligence
  • Select and track relevant companies/projects/mines in Mpumalanga
  • Gain unlimited access to regularly updated and verified information
  • Receive email notifications of newly added or recently updated projects
  • Add notes and comments to various projects

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Tracking and reporting on African mines and African mining projects is part of the mining intelligence service available.

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Coal mining companies in Mpumalanga contribute largely to the country's ability to generate power. AMIQ gives you insight into this by supplying up-to-date intel.

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