Mining in West Africa

Mining in West Africa

Mining in West Africa is an important source of gold, iron ore, uranium and diamonds. The region is also rich in aluminium, nickel, phosphate, manganese and zinc.

Most of the mineral wealth in this region remains undeveloped, meaning West Africa's importance in the global mineral economy will increase in the future.

Africa Mining IQ is Africa's largest mining intelligence database, and provides detailed, actionable mining intelligence for over 516 mining projects in this mineral-wealthy region.

In indexing over 2 000 African mining projects on its database, Africa Mining IQ is used by over 170 businesses to enhance their project intelligence.

Africa Mining IQ’s listings for West Africa include the following projects:

  • 102 projects in Burkina Faso
  • 89 projects in Ghana
  • 98 projects in Mali
  • 48 projects in Senegal
  • 42 projects in Guinea
  • 47 projects in Cot d’Ivoire
  • 21 projects in Sierra Leone
  • 24 projects in Liberia
  • 20 projects in Niger
  • 14 projects in Mauritania
  • 5 projects in Nigeria
  • 4 projects in Togo

Many of these projects are in the feasibility (47 projects) or bankable (5 projects) stages and are currently contracting equipment and solutions providers as they gear up towards production.

Some of the most recently-updated projects on the Africa Mining IQ database include:

The Nampala Gold Project, Mali
The Nampala Gold Project is the most advanced of all the 9 permits of the Mininko Permit, near Bougouni, in Mali. Two extra cyanide treatment tanks are planned, which will be executed in 3 phases. The project value stands at R374 453 000.

The Balatindi Project, Guinea
The Balatandi Project is a newly added project in East Guinea. It lies within a broad tectono-magnetic belt that lies south of the Siguiri Basin, with high potential for gold, uranium and cooper mineralisation.

The Gueguere Project, Burkina Faso
This project is located in southwest Burkina Faso within the Boromo Birimian Greenstone Belt, where gold geochemical anomalies have been identified. Potential for gold mineralisation exists in both constituent licenses.

Targeting these, and other lucrative mining projects in West Africa, has never been easier than with a subscription to Africa Mining IQ!

How can Africa Mining IQ enhance your business into Africa?

By providing accurate, usable information that is updated daily on over 1 850 mining projects in Africa, Africa Mining IQ provides vital project intelligence that allows our subscribers to target projects that are relevant to their core business. This intelligence includes key contact details for each project!

We categorise each project according to its lifecycle phase, further ensuring prospective bidders are informed and aware of the needs and requirements of each development. Lifecycle phases are categorised as grassroots, pre-feasibility, feasibility, bankable, active, operational dormant, dormant L/R, closed and completed.

Africa Mining IQ allows you to mine with intelligence!

  • Direct access to high-ranking project management and decision makers, with key contact details per project guaranteed!
  • Real-time, actionable reporting & statistics for mining in West Africa at your fingertips
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for with powerful search filters!
  • Direct email notifications of updates to mining in West Africa
  • Online collaboration and communication
  • Information accessible 24/7, 365 days a year

Contact Africa Mining IQ today on +27 11 830 2132 to expand your business within the West African mining sector!

Tracking and reporting on African mines and African mining projects is part of the mining intelligence service available.

Over Close to 170 companies rely on Africa Mining IQ to help them drive business within the African mining industry.

Project Contact Information

Africa Mining IQ is the ONLY African mining intelligence database that guarantees a key contact per mine owner / project engineer or project supplier. All African mining projects are carefully researched and verified by a team of researchers.


Africa Mining IQ Reporting

In depth analysis reports delve into African mining project statistics such as number of projects per region per phase, and have been created for you to download and use for tendering and project tracking purposes.

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