Impala Platinum Mines

Impala Platinum Mines

Impala Platinum Mines, the Implats Mining Group’s primary operational unit, currently has 18 projects, valued in excess of R56 billion, listed on Africa Mining IQ’s portal, with over 50 key contacts listed.

Impala Platinum Mines:

  • Is the second largest platinum producer in the world (2012)
  • Holds contiguous mining rights and prospecting rights for 260² km in South Africa
  • Is executable in four African countries
  • Yielded 750 100 ounces of platinum from 10.7 million tonnes of ore mined – FY2012

Minerals mined by Impala Platinum Mines include 2 industrial and 16 Platinum Group Metals (PMG); and its operations listed on Africa Mining IQ range from bankable through to fully operational.

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Currently Impala Platinum Mines’ highest capital value project is the
PGM operational underground Ngezi Mine with a capital value
of R23 billion. In Africa, Impala Platinum Mines currently
has executable mining projects in:

MINING IQ – A fully fledged mining intelligence portal giving you access to Impala Platinum mines key contacts!

As the leading supplier of online mining intelligence in Africa, Africa Mining IQ is the only website to provide direct access to key mining personnel and detailed summaries of mining projects. These include project value, scope, mining phase and key contacts among others. All of this information, and more, is available for each of Impala Platinum Mines’ mining projects in the portal.

Impala Platinum Mines’ major mining areas are found on two substantial mineral-bearing ore bodies with a total mineral resource inventory of 230 million ounces of platinum! They are The Bushveld Complex in South Africa and The Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.

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Current Impala Platinum Mines’ projects listed on Africa Mining IQ include: 1 bankable; 3 dorman L/R, 3 execution, 7 operational, 3 completed and 1 consolidated.

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Key contacts include, where applicable, Project Engineers, Project Suppliers, CEOs, CFOs, Geologists, Exploration Specialists and other contacts for each project relevant to your search on Impala Platinum Mines.

With +/- 2 000 recorded projects updated daily, subscribers are provided with information to take decisive action. Africa Mining IQ guarantees you access to current, dependable and important mining project information on:

  • Mine locations
  • Scope of mines
  • Estimated project values
  • Project commentary
  • Real-time reporting and charting

Over Close to 170 companies in South Africa enjoy the benefits of Africa Mining IQ’s intelligence portal on Impala Platinum Mines and other mines across Africa.

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Africa Mining IQ – Features and Benefits

  • Current, relevant and accurate mining information on over 2 000 African mining projects
  • Real-time mining intelligence on mining projects with advanced reporting, graphs and region statistics, mineral types, development phases, and much more
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  • Extensive contact information to liaise directly with key personnel on mining projects
  • Daily or weekly alerts and notifications on mining projects you track or are interested in Access for multiple users
  • Mining project tracking – from pre-feasibility to completion
  • A built-in currency converter for accurate values on mining projects in the currency of your choice

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