What is
Africa Mining IQ?

What is Africa Mining IQ

Africa Mining IQ (AMIQ) is Africa’s largest online mining and mining project information service, with over 2 000 African mines and mining projects on record.

Tap into Africa’s billion-dollar mining market

Africa is the world’s largest producer of a wide spectrum of natural resources and is the fastest-growing mineral industry. This presents several untapped opportunities!

Access in-depth, detailed and regularly updated information on over 2 000 African mine projects and mines. With AMIQ, you can be the first to target and track investment or sales and business opportunities that best align with your interests and business offerings.

Be the first to know so you’re the first to strike (our exclusive solutions):

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AMIQ member benefits

  • Access strategic information to drive sales or profit in your business by focusing on areas with aggressive development across minerals, metals and fossil fuels, or mining developments that align with your interests, products or services.
  • Expand your customer base through key contact information for mines and mining projects across Africa.
  • Market analysis & reports that help you stay on top of changing markets to boost your sales and business development efforts with insights from our industry experts.
  • Reach decision-makers to offer your products and services when they need them most, with verified contact information of vital stakeholders.
  • Potentially increase tender success with increased awareness of tender opportunities by being specified with project consultants.
  • Round-the-clock assistance is available, helping you get the most out of your AMIQ sales solution with our live, interactive assisted service to help you identify and cherry-pick sales leads.

4 good reasons to join Africa Mining IQ

  1. AMIQ is the only online mining information portal that provides detailed and progressive mining and resource intelligence of turnkey African mines and mining projects across various stages of development.
  2. Join over 170 local and international companies and get a competitive edge with up-to-date and detailed intelligence on Africa's mining market.
  3. Over 20 years of expertise has allowed us to gain reliable connections and insights that you cannot find independently. All the information on the online portal is vetted by our project co-ordinators.
  4. Africa Mining IQ gives you all the tools you need to target African mines and mining projects requiring your products or services, by providing comprehensive key contact details. More than 700 mine owners and over 500 project consultants around the world are hosted on our AMIQ portal associated with more than 2 000 African mines and mining projects in various phases of development, as well as operational mines.

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Find out more about
AMIQ member benefits

Maximise your mining and mining project sales opportunities in Africa. Contact AMIQ today.

By becoming an Africa Mining IQ member, you get access to all the tools you need to target African mines and mining projects that require your products and/or services. AMIQ members can contact key decision-makers early in the project lifecycle.

Putting you in touch with:

± 4 000
executable mining contacts

± 1 100
executable engineering contacts

± 2 090
current projects

Maximise your sales opportunities in Africa with AMIQ. Join Today.

If you sell or rent into the mining sector

Are you battling to sell or provide equipment and/or services to the mining industry? AMIQ can help you:

  • Obtain strategic information to help focus your sales strategy in areas with real opportunity.
  • Compete in a closed tender environment.
  • Get specified in design & costing projects with project consultants.
  • Access ideal mining project key contacts.
  • Acquire comprehensive information to better qualify leads and develop them into sales.
  • Grow existing business through a better understanding of mine owners’ asset registers.
  • Acquire in-depth information for constructive sales discussions instead of cold calling.
  • Get early-stage information to compete for various studies of greenfield and brownfield mine developments.
  • Achieve qualified opportunities on viable exploration projects for early work such as surveying and drilling.

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AMIQ member benefits

Looking to secure business in the world’s fastest-growing mining sector? AMIQ has the solution!

Powerful, customisable dashboards

Use the dashboard filters to hone in on relevant products, in just a few clicks.

Key contact information guaranteed

For mine owners and engineers for each project.

Up-to-date commentaries and events logs

Complete, detailed commentary on
over 2 000 projects

In-depth market analysis, research and reporting

Understand trends growth in key markets: all the intel you need in one place.

Collaborate & communicate with fellow users

Make notes, set reminders and generate individual sales reports for your company’s sales pipeline.

Email alerts on new projects

Be the first to know of developments and updates to the projects you are tracking.

Find out why more than 170 global companies use Africa Mining IQ to grow their business.

Join Africa Mining IQ for detailed African mines & mining project intelligence.

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Reasons you need a centralised mining information service:

Vast volumes of mining data covering project developments, ore types, mine production, specialised suppliers, unique services and niche methodologies are generated daily. Technology impacts the methods we use and constantly optimises industry processes. All of this is great, but only if those associated with the mining industry have easy access to this information. As a mining and ancillary information services portal, we provide this service for the African Mining Industry.
  • Track and target over 2 000 projects

  • Key contacts – guaranteed

  • Get critical insight to your key markets

  • Increase your sales reach into Africa

We have various membership packages starting from R9 200 per month. Enquire today

Join Africa Mining IQ for detailed African mines & mining project intelligence.

By submitting your information via this form, and in accordance with POPIA, you agree to the terms of the Projects IQ Privacy Policy.

Know when to strike! Join AMIQ and grow your African mining business opportunities.
Become an AMIQ member today.

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